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Athlete Recruiting Service will provide you with the best method for getting recruited to play collegiate sports. We've made the difficult process easy, manageable, and accessible without hype, pressure, or empty promises.

What we are;

·         Non-discriminating. We allow the athlete to choose the programs that they wish to apply to.

·         Helpful. We provide useful links and downloads free.

·         Honest. We provide email reports to help manage your campaign. See that the profile was sent and who opened it.

·         Easy to use. Our student athlete profiles are pre-formatted and everything can be done from your computer without ever having to deal with a salesperson. 

·         Proven. Our 99% sucess rate means that we get you results. Our clients have found their best fit schools in everything from to Ivy League and Military Academies to JC's.

·         Safe. We protect your profile and your future eligibility (NCAA Bylaws, 12.3.1, and 12.3.3 compliant).

Athlete Recruiting Services does not allow personal profiles to be searched on internet data bases like other services, does not limit options by only providing access to those collegiate coaches that register, does not have high pressure sales people, and does not have hidden costs.

Athlete Recruiting Services exists solely to help student athletes get recruited into college and we serve the full range of future collegiate athletes from the NCAA DI to the Junior College prospect.

We provide the most comprehensive recruiting solution available.

If you want to see what your options are despite whatever anyone else might have to say, give us a try. We are not going to judge you or say that you shouldn't go big. You give your best every day. Why would you be timid with your recruitment?

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