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Sample Profile / Campaign

The Athlete Recruiting Services profile is designed with collegiate coaches in mind. All pertinent information, personal, academic and athletic, is prominently displayed in a format that is easy for coaches to read. The student athlete profile gets sent to those coaches within the designations that you select. Your profile can not be accessed by anyone else.

Susie Smith
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Athlete Personal Information /Susie Smith
Sport: Volleyball Position: Setter Jersey #: 1
Birth Date: 01/01/1995 Gender: Female
Ht.: 5'10" Wt: 100lbs

Address: 123 Main Street
City: Denver* State: CO Zip: 12345
Personal Phone: 303-555-5555 Cell Phone: 303-555-5555
Personal Email Address:

Parent Name:
Sarah Smith
Home Phone: 303-555-5555 Cell Phone: 303-555-5555
Personal Email Address:

Parent Name:
Bob Smith
Home Phone: 303-555-5555 Cell Phone: 303-555-5555
Personal Email Address:
Athletic Information /Susie Smith
Registered with the NCAA Clearinghouse: Yes, 01/01/2010

2008, 2009, 2010 Team MVP


22 Kills, 36" vertical

Additional Sports Played:

Athletic Awards and Recognition:
2008, 2009, 2010 MVP, Student Athlete of the Week

Camps and Showcases Attended:
Local College Camp
Academic Information /Susie Smith
Grad Year: 2011 GPA: 4.0 Class Rank: 15/221
ACT Composition/Average: 27
Planned Major: English

High School Name: Main High School
Address: 123 Main Drive
City: Denver State: CO Zip: 12345
School Phone: 303-555-5555

Counselor's Name: Mrs. Jones
Phone: 303-555-5555 Cell Phone: 303-555-5555
Email Address:

Honors/AP Classes:
2009 Academic Honors, Academic Student of the Week, English AP Classes
Coaches Information /Susie Smith
High School Coach's Name: Coach Bob
School Phone: 303-55-5555 Cell Phone: 303-555-5555
Email Address:
Susie has been a great team leader since 2008. She is an invaluable player.

Competitive Coach's Name: Coach Bill
Phone: 303-555-5555 Cell Phone: 303-555-5555
Email Address:
Susie has a competetive nature and skills above her age. Susie has led the team to regional Championships.

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Regarding Athlete Recruiting Services:

"I'm a junior and I get emails almost everyday from coaches all over the United States! They like what they see in my profile and video and I like having a choice about where I'm going to play soccer. 

If you want to play on - let ARS get you the connections."


Kaden D.


Englewood High School 



"I have been working with Athlete Recruiting Services as a professional recruiting service for almost a year now. They are working with both my son and my daughter. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Athlete Recruiting Services has provided me with personalized service that far exceeded my expectations. I believe that my kids will reach their college athletic goals because we have them working for us!"

Thank you,

Lori Walker


"As a client I would have to say, Athlete Recruiting Services has done a great job getting my name out. I have now been approached by colleges I never thought of before and now because of ARS I have a variety of schools to look into and to choose from. ... I would encourage any athlete to use Athlete Recruiting Services."

Savannah G.