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Why Use ARS?

Because, you are an athlete and you think that you might be recruitable. Maybe it's a NCAA DI school, maybe it's a DII. Either way, with our service, you can realize your college recruitment options and be able to decide where your best fit opportunity is. We show you the formatting and provide the resources to get your best results. We keep it safe, simple and FREE.

Is the service really free?

Yes. By shopping our banner links and supporting our sponsors, we remain a FREE service.

Will using Athlete Recruiting Services jeapordize my eligibility?

ARS will continue to track rules and compliance requirements and always commit to ensure compliance for all clients. Please review compliance rules, including NCAA Rules/Bylaws  12.3.1, and 12.3.3

Is my information safe?

You control your account. Your are responsible for sending your campaign to the programs in the regions and division that you have chosen. Your information is never sold to 3rd parties. With secure password protected login, no one posing as a coach can access your account.

Can I update my profile?

We provide the contact information, but the send out is your responsibility so you can send out whatever you want when you want and with as many updates as you want.

How do I title my campaign email?

While the email title can be anything that you want it to be, we suggest graduation year, position played and a single highlight be included. Remember to keep the title short and concise. A sample title would be; "2011 Defensive End 4.0 GPA 15 Sack Season"

What if I don't get results?

You may have applied outside of you ability level.  Be realistic about your demonstrated current ability. Could your academics have been a limiting factor? Consider the quantity of programs that were within your choosen division and region. (As an example, Colorado has few NCAA DIII schools and even fewer rowing programs.) 

What about videos?

We recommend your profile link to your video. Make the video applicable to your sport. Include a skills video when appropriate. We are also fortunate to have a very talented video editing sponsors. Please click on the link for great video editing services.

What if I don't have a video?

The more information that you can provide a coach for evaluation, the better. Grab a team mate, family member or friend to help shoot your skills or game video. Your campaign will not be sent out until you are ready to send it so if you need to come back and add the video, you can do this anytime before sending. If you simply don't have a video, that is ok too.

Don't coaches change?

Athlete Recruiting Services utilizes and updates the most accurate data base of coaches that we can. That said, there are occasions, mid year resignations or maternity leave for example, that will result in inaccuracies. While this is infrequent, Athlete Recruiting Services can not be held responsible.

How do I get recruited?

Start by creating your student athlete profile. Do your research. Put some real thought into where you would like to apply. Consider the type of program, school, academics, support, locality, etc... . Send your profile directly to college coaches. Make sure that you stay up to date with the latest association and school requirements. Manage and enjoy the recruitment process.

What if I have questions?

Write to us at or call 303-656-7231.

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"As a client I would have to say, Athlete Recruiting Services has done a great job getting my name out. I have now been approached by colleges I never thought of before and now because of ARS I have a variety of schools to look into and to choose from. ... I would encourage any athlete to use Athlete Recruiting Services."

Savannah G.